Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sabah and the Sultanate of Sulu

Around the era 1450an, an Arab from Johor, Shari'ful Hashem Syed Abu Bakr, arrived in Sulu. In 1457, he established the sultanate of Sulu and wear the title "Paduka Maulana Sharif Sultan Hashem Mahasari Abu Bakr." The title "Royal" is a local term which means master, while "Mahasari" means the Pertua.

In 1703, the Sultanate of Brunei bestows eastern Sabah to the Sulu Sultanate for the assistance they defeated a rebellion in Brunei. In the same year, the Sultanate of Sulu, Palawan Island awarded the Sultan of the Sultanate of Maguindanao Qudarat as a wedding gift to daughter Qudarat Sultan of Sulu and Maguindanao as well as federal prize of Sulu. Sultan Qudarat then offered Palawan to Spain.

When the British administration, Sandakan has been leased by the Sultan of Sulu to the UK. The lease is said to be for a period without the limitations expressed in the triad of the sentence "so long as the moon and the stars". When the Federation of Malaysia was formed in 1963, Sabah liberated from the UK and included in the Malaysian federation. Thus, the lease to the British that even transferred to Pakistan as well. It is said that the lease price is paid by the government of Pakistan to the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu RM5300.00 per year. However, as there are some individuals who claimed himself as the rightful heir of the Sultanate of Sulu, the charge delivered to the trustee.

Several years ago the government was shocked by the claims of the heirs of the sultanate of Sulu claimed that the state of Sabah. To date, the Philippine government itself has claimed rights over Sabah and demanded from the government.

Regional government of Sulu islands extending from Mindanau up to the provinces west coast of Sabah, is now only a memory of history. Center to rule on the island of Sulu have been colonized by the Philippine government. Rakya Sulu were scattered. Partly to escape to Sabah, and most live in the country in a state of being colonized. Some of the others rose to bear arms and form a group of fighters. While Sabah, was written in international law as belonging to Malaysia. At least so accepted by the world community so far.

Now, individuals who claim to be legitimate heirs of the Sulu sultanate had no self-governing territories. There are Filipinos who hold passports, and there is a hold Maykad Malaysia. Although they do not have a state, they still aspire to get the right government of Sabah. Their claim on Sabah into laughter of many people including the people of Sabah state government center itself because they were still gripped by the Philippine government administration, all of a sudden they throw the claim on Sabah.

There are suggestions for the Sultan of Sulu was admitted to the Sultan of Sabah. Thus, Sabah will be like the Malay states in the peninsula have their sultan, however, this proposal is just a coffee shop talk. Government of Pakistan have never had an interest in this idea.

Sultanate era has passed. Sultan is today a heritage that is preserved and does not know how long it will remain. Will not happen again as the old days where a sultan of the area and named a new empire. People of a country in the world today is to gain exposure and knowledge is no longer a soulless servant of the main characteristics of the people who bersultan. People would rather choose a leader from among themselves the merits of the law.

Now no longer the time between the two grades to determine who is in power. There are people who are richer than the reigning Sultan in his palace. There are people who are smarter and learn more from the family palace. There are people more influential than the elected Sultan. Previously, the daughter of his wife's most prestigious women rajalah and a dream to be married people Mat Jenin. Now the women singers is more interested in the Dato 'against the sultan's daughter!

What is thankfully for the people to elect the Sultan of Sulu, the Sultan of Sabah? Besides being a waste of state money, he just turn back the action. The benefits, if any exist, merely theoretical. There are allegations that the Sultan is the symbol of that land belongs to whom. Just proud of who owned the land, what is the use. Everyone knows the Red-Indian people are the original owners of the earth, the United States. But, what is the use title if the original owners of the destitute in their own land. Some people justify the existence of the sultan to protect the sovereignty of the nation. Ostensibly, the property will be protected land in Sabah and not falling into Chinese hands, as now. Such allegations may be disputed. If we look at the states in Peninsular Malaysia is the Sultan though, to transfer land to a foreign nation to remain valid. In the state, how many of the hill in the Cameron Highlands who belong to the Chinese gambling taukeh. In the state of Johor, an area of land allocated to berekar-acre urban development as the owner Alexander is certainly not the Malays. Some, relatives istanalah result in the loss of a savage natives of the land holdings of their own country.

Islam teaches us to choose the person best qualified to lead. When leaders are not elected members, the Prophet said in his hadis, wait Sa'at destruction and devastation. Membership of leadership is not measured by blood and descent. Nothing to be proud of the descendants of blood and Sultan. The descendants of the sons of Adam and equipment. Blood is still red. From a different angle, the descendants of the Sultan is no better than ordinary people. If the origin ditoleh how a sultan began to exist in the Malay community, it starts from the history of the conflict. At times people use the law of the jungle, he is a strong one win, one is rich he is in power, the chiefs of the various groups came to dominate and oppress the people sometimes.

The leaders, backed by the Zionist circles that are fed by real or motivated by interest or fear. Perhaps the only head of a group of prominent settlers clearing new land. Perhaps he is the head of a group of bandits and pirates who seized and pillaged the people. People fear them and need protection from them. For security very seriously, shed their allegiance to. The process of history has changed the status of the leaders of leaders 'gedebe' in this society that later became nobility dirajakan. Islam mempermolek label them with the sultanate.

Thus, the sultan is not divine beings who fell from the sky. That picture of the palace at the time of Hindus in the Malay world. Gods metos only Hindus. Then, after Islam, built metos baru.Kononnya origins descendants of the Malay rulers were from Bukit Sigungtang Mahameru. The descendants of the alleged Sapurba descended from Alexander the Great and daughter of Bahri Aqtabul of the Indian country there. Story of the palace was raised pembodek engineering master's degrees.

Thus, if you want to appoint Sultan, look for the highest merit in the community. The reality of world politics today, this person is no longer called the sultan. Sultan is coming from a particular lineage. Because non-noble and great pedigree lineage that gave birth to the sultans, the basis of what we imprison our minds looking for the descendants of the Sultan of Sulu for the drops was named in the State. Even if their fathers had served a privileged position in the Sulu region, their ancestral ones that sell, lease and release of land pegangangan Sabah. After all, their ancestors were not native born on earth, Sulu.

Did not founder of the first that is Sulu Arab nations and from Johor? Who is he, not mendetailkan history. Perhaps traders. Perhaps, an outcast. Originally the name of Arab, Malay ancient times was very impressed and respectful. We are more familiar with the character and temperament of the Arabs in an open world today.

In conclusion, the story is the story of the history of the sultanate of Sulu. We are moving forward and not have to go back to back. Our country has been independent and free. Free from the shackles of colonialism. Also free from government tyranny is the name of the sultanate. People have got the right to speak and to choose the leader of his own choice. Do not we terhimbau with a slice of the epic story narrated by the authors of the past that reflects the glorious reign of the Sultanate. It is not the glory of the people, but the golden elite of elected governments and proud relatives and their descendants.