Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Origin of the Malay

The study found that the Malay language is derived from the Modern and Classical Malay language Malay language Malay language is derived from the Classical Master. Malay Language Master comes from the ancient Malay language which is the origin of the Old Malay language. The study also showed that modern Malay is not a development of the Johor-Riau dialect of Malay and Modern not so closely related to other dialects (Da, Db, and DN). Other dialects of Malay origin, while holding Johor-Riau dialect of Malay origin Classic.
The following will show how the migration of Malays from the Middle East.

The Malays are the original Negrito

According to Asmah Haji Omar before migration occurs from Asia, the Malay Archipelago (Nusantara) has is the residents who later named as the native population. There are historians who say that people who lived in the Malay Peninsula is known as the Negrito. Negrito people are estimated to have been there since 8000 BC (Before Christ). They live in caves and hunting animals for their livelihood. Their hunting tool made of stone, this time called the Middle Stone Age. In NSW for example, in the year 5000 BC, which is the period Paleolit and Mesolit, was inhabited by Austronesian people who down the Negrito, Sakai, Semai, and so on.

The second is that the original Proto-Malays

Based on the opinion says that the Malays originated from Central Asia, the migration of the (first) predicted in 2500 BC. They are then named as the Proto-Malay. Proto-Malay civilization is more advanced some of the Negrito. Proto-Malays were good at making farming tools, pottery, jewelry and tools. Semi-nomadic life. Their age is called Neolithic or New Stone Age.

The third motion is the Malay-Deutro
The second migration from Asia said the region is estimated Yunan took place in 1500 BC. They called Malay-Deutro and had a more advanced civilization of the Proto-Malay. Malay-Deutro was about metal culture. They had been hunting and agricultural use of iron. Age Age of them is called Metal. They live along the coast and spread across the Malay Archipelago.

The arrival of the Malay-Deutro this by itself has led to the migration of the Proto-Malays to the interior according to their way of life of semi-nomadic. Unlike Proto-Malay, Malay-Deutro live in clusters and reside in a place to live. Those who live by the beach of life as a fisherman and some villages near the river and establish a fertile valley. Their lives as farmers and hunt animals. Malays-Deutro community has been good. They usually choose a leader of his duties as head of government and religious leaders as well. That their religion is animism anuti time.

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