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Fate of the Malay language on their own country

PROPOSED compulsory subject Malay (BM) for approximately 65.000 foreign students currently studying in Malaysia is certainly a good step in our efforts to develop the Malay language, more so for internationalisation.

Among its importance in this context, the Malay language is the medium of communication in this country, knowledge and mastery of the Malay language that will better enable students to function well in the Malaysian society, whether in terms of both efficiency and courtesy Malay grammar. Actually the effect is quite valid and should be supported.

However, whether the infrastructure and ecological Malay language that exists now, whether formal or otherwise, support conditions conducive? Both are very important in helping and encouraging students to menekuni Malay language, particularly the stimulus integratif, ie not only to mix, but mengadunkan themselves in local life, while they are in Malaysia. The answer is not positive as appropriate. Malay although given the variety of views more beautiful by some good parties, it is actually on the edge melukut shà in some cases, the earth watannya own. Linguistic ecology in this country do not always memperlihat importance of Malay language as the language of the country, namely in the context of a national language and official language. For example, naming public in Malaysia are not many who use the Malay language. The use of English becomes more the norm. 'Bangsar South' to a new municipality in Kuala Lumpur and 'Mara Liner' for that bus services in rural areas, especially among the Malay community placement for example.

All this gives the message that the Malay language is not important, not only to foreign students, but also to the Malaysian society itself. In this regard, local communities participate give a negative picture of the Malay language when they are not much use, especially in the context of a national language to communicate with each other. They prefer to use other languages and proud and if the Malay language is used, it is used in the form of mixed also.

Overview of the evil of the Malay language per happens when we do not want to use when talking with some foreign students, although there are of them fluent in the language Malay. Instead, we use the English language instead. This bad attitude we give people the impression that Malaysia is not proud, love and allegiance to the country's own language. Indeed, this is not the picture again, but true statement about the act, our views and compliance of the Malay language. Natif speakers as the Malay community or the original Malay language should display a good example in memperlihat positive attitudes towards the language. They must at all times 'memperlaku' Malay language, which not only their mother tongue, but now has become a language that represents the country and owned by all, with the full order and manners.

In this case, they should use the Malay language is good and right and not mixed together, especially at official functions and ceremonies. Use it as not only important in conveying the message that the Malay language competent, but believed by the other dibangga among speakers about natifnya authority is. Actually the authority of the Malay language should exist in various forms robust. Among them is the knowledge and mastery of Malay society in Malaysia, especially the non-original, which should be increased beyond that form known as 'market language'. Still among many that the market could only speak when using the Malay language, for example in the form of " I have pompuan Atak, married the widow Ipoh have olang. "Efficiency Malay cases, especially among the young, the Philippines occupies since 1957 is not only not good for the image of the Malay language as the language of the country, but that more harm is more understanding nasionaliti Malaysia them in the context of the Malay language, the language of their homeland! attitude like this certainly observed by foreign students, who may conclude that the Malay language is not much respected by Malaysians themselves.

This follow formulated by foreign workers. Some of them found to be fluent in Malay, although recently arrived, compared with a handful of trainees National Service Training Program (PLKN), the same can not be fluent in Malay, although born and raised in Malaysia!

In the Malay language preservation issues in weak form, the Malay community can participated. They often communicate with their communities of origin in the Malay language is not such, even when they communicate with a very fluent. This accommodating nature of the Malay community should be stopped and replaced with the communication in the Malay language of good and correct, but in a form easily. In fact a lot to do before we expand the domain use the Malay language, especially to foreign students in the country and also in the business we mengantarabangsakan Malay language. For this purpose, first, the Malaysian society must show a more positive attitude towards the Malay language. This attitude can be nurtured and further shown by all sectors of Malaysian society with relatively easy. Malay race is the instrument of unity and progress of the country, has 'dikodifikasikan' in the national education system. In this matter, determination of the Malay language to be renewed again, by example with the full commitment and responsibility of the Malay community as speakers natif, which will also followed by the positive effects from many other non-Malay community.

This is important not only in efforts to elevate the Malay language in this country, O my son, but also to the PERSADA world. Indeed, the Malay language is also the fifth largest in the world, has much potential.

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by Teo Kok Seong

Professor of Sociolinguistics at the Institute of Malay and Malay Civilization, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

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